Remove Dog Urine Odors

Odors in Carpeting

OdorXit Concentrate is a “Contact Chemistry”. That means it only works when it comes in direct contact with an odor source. Therefore, when using it you must make certain that you use enough to penetrate to the embedded sources. It must remains in liquid form long enough to wick into the same places the urine found to hide. This can be under carpet tack strips, between drywall and base boards, between the joint cracks in hardwood flooring, between toes trips and base boards, between floor boards and wall nailer boards.

On most carpets, what appears to be a surface problem generally involves at least the carpet’s nap and backing, nearly always the padding, and often the floor under the padding. The padding acts like a concentrator for the urine residue. This is because most padding is made of a composite sponge material that can hold a large volume of liquid. As the liquid slowly evaporates (though the carpet) and spreads into an ever widening circle in the padding, the urine residue deposits and accumulates in the padding.

Repeated applications of urine result in more concentrated deposits and larger areas of residue. When the padding becomes saturated with liquid in an area, the liquid soaks into the flooring under the padding which allows the padding above to stay wet for a much longer time and produce much more odor.

If your padding is still wet with urine, your best bet is to replace the inexpensive padding, and just treat your carpet, floors and affected areas with diluted OdorXit Concentrate.

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